Before we turn our attention to the future, let’s take a look at what 2017 brought for Kallerhult Creations

Kids vs. work

For the greater part of 2017 I’ve been on maternity leave, taking care of our two kids, Linus and Lilly. Half days on fridays have been earmarked as studio time for me and those hours have been real nuggets of gold for my creative soul. No matter how much I love our lovely kids and want to spend time with them, I have a strong need to sit in peace and quiet and have time to create. It is truly a balm for my soul and therapy for my mind. Imagine the luxury to be able to work with the very thing that makes you feel good. Even though I haven’t had an abundance of work hours I’ve still been able to produce quite a few portraits and logotypes.

Artsy Wrap Up

Every year since I started my YouTube channel back in 2015, I’ve been making a compilation of the commissions I’ve completed during the year. This is the latest one:

Featured artwork

Border Collie, Graphite, A3
Dogo, Sketch, A5
Border Collie, Promarker and Polychromos, A5
Golden Retriever, Colour Splash, A5
Fairymist, Logotype
Golden Retriever, Acrylics on guitar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1OeJHIJ_VY)
Hyssna Hund & Katt, Logotype
Collection of Colour Splash Portraits, A6 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuugv1nOCtc)
Etologica, Logotype
Buzzkills x 2, Logotype
Zyndens, Logotype
Cocker Spaniel, Graphite, A4
Baby girl, Graphite, A4
Horses, Graphite, A3
German Pinscher, Colour Splash, A4
Border Collies, Colour Splash, A3
Hundhörnan, Logotype
Snoopy Hero, Logotype
Dog Coach Ulrika Wijk, Logotype
Djursmart, Logotype
Cupcake Care, Logotype
Birds Collection, Colour Splash, A6
Australian Shepherd x 2, Graphite, A4
Dachshund, Acrylics on Christmas bauble
Border Collies, Poodle and Mixed breed, Acrylics on Christmas Baubles
Mixed breed, Sketch, A4
Floofs, Graphite, A4
Papillon, Acrylics on Christmas bauble
Papillon, Phaléne and Dachshund, Acrylics on Christmas Baubles
Poodle, Acrylics on Christmas Bauble
Västergårdslamm, Logotype
Mindblowing, Logotype