Creative Journaling

How do you preserve your memories? Here is a way to combine creativity and the documentation of your life.

Fauxdori for Creative Journaling


When I was younger I loved to take photographs and pretty much my entire allowance was spent developing the pictures which were placed in photo albums. Nowadays the documentation of big and small events are both easier and harder. The cameras in our phones are better than the camera I used to use when I was a teenager, everything is digital so I don’t have to wait a week or two to discover that half of the pictures where out of focus. I have a nice printer so I don’t have to pay someone else to develop my pictures. However, I don’t have as much time as I used to and with so much inspiration coming from Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube it is easy to become overwhelmed. And I must confess that it was a special feeling to flip through the pile of 24 or 36 photos for the first time since they were developed, don’t you agree?


Creative Journaling inserts

What is Creative Journaling?

So what exactly is Creative Journaling? Well, it is what ever you want it to be. Creative documentation of your memories. It can be anything and everything from the ultrasound pictures showing you your new baby to a collection of stamps from post you’ve received during the last months. You decide, there are no rules. Sometimes I write down some memories and thoughts accompanying a picture or an illustration, sometimes the focus lies with the photo and sometimes I just want to use pretty paper and fun stickers. Here are some examples of journaling spreads I’ve made. 


Journaling Spread Fountain Pen

New Fountain Pen

I created this spread when I had received a fancy, new fountain pen from Penstore.
You can see a process video if you click here. I started off by putting down a yellow base with Caran D’Ache Neocolor II and Ecoline Liquid Watercolour. The packaging tape from the package was re-used as ephemera in the top part of the spread. Then I glued in the little information pamphlet that was included with the pen and after that I made a small illustration of the pen and wrote some of my thoughts, using the new pen.


Journaling Spread You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

This spread saw the light of day when I realized how many different watermelon elements I had laying around, including a tummy in the shape of a watermelon. The paper is gift wrap paper from Lagerhaus, the stickers comes from M&S in London and the washi tapes are from Panduro and Aliexpress. This is how the spread was created.


Journaling Spread Broken Flowers

In our garden we have a tulip that keeps on popping up each spring. Young master Linus loves to pick flowers and I always tell him to let this one be, to NOT pick this particular one because I want to enjoy it as it is. But, all of the sudden he came running, claiming that the tulip accidentally broke. 



This is a video where I flip through the entire Creative Journal. Which one is your favourite spread?